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What is Ombré / Mist Brows?

Ombré also known as Mist Brows or shading is a form of Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing resulting in more of a subtle makeup/powdered finish. It is different to the Feather Touch Technique as we do not create strokes of hair; instead we blend the pigment to create more density and fullness and achieve a subtle powdered look. We can make this soft or heavy depending on what the client is wanting to achieve or what suits them best.  

Ombré Brows is achieved by implementing high quality pigments into the skin using a high quality machine and is perfect for those who want a natural looking brow transformation and for those who wear eyebrow makeup on a daily basis. 

Beauty Adelaide, Feather Cosmetic Brow Boutique, Microblading Adelaide, Eyebrow Feathering Adelaide, Feather Touch Brows Adelaide, Brows by Amy Louise

This treatment requires two procedures over 2 months and is quite bearable, however everyone's pain tolerance is different.

No numbing is used for the first 10 minutes of the procedure as it changes the structure of the skin and can make it difficult for us to work on. However, once the skin has been broken, the topical anaesthetic can be applied to make it pain free for the rest of the procedure. 

Creating the Perfect Brow

The first 45 minutes of the procedure is the most important. Golden mean calipers are used to determine the best Brow measurements according to your face shape. Once the measurements have been marked, your Eyebrow Architect will begin to draw on a pair of eyebrows that are best suited to you. Once we have your approval of the template, we can commence the Feathering. 

Brow Colour

The way your Eyebrow Stylist chooses the pigment colour is matched by your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour. This will blend perfectly to be as natural looking as possible. 

Important information regarding the procedure

If any of the following apply to you at the time of your treatment, you will need to consider another option:

Under the age of 18


Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C

Roaccutane (Must wait 12 months after finishing course of this drug)


Breast Feeding

Cancer in the past 6 months


Keloid Scarring 

Psoriasis (on the face)

Eczema (on the face)



Local infection

Blood infections

Serious heart disorders

Healing problems


Any major surgeries within 4 weeks

Microdermabrasion, chemical peel, botox within 14 days (face only)

Laser, IPL within 6 weeks (face only)

Eyebrow waxing within 7 days




or any other form of illness

We require a clearance and written consent from your GP if you have:



Heart conditions





High blood pressure


Blood clotting abnormalities

Auto immune diseases 

Medications prescribed by doctor

Do you have any allergies?

If so,  please contact us to discuss these allergies. You may also need to make an appointment for a test patch 48 hours prior to your procedure.

Have you had your eyebrows tattooed or microbladed previously?

Due to many Eyebrow Specialists having different techniques and using different pigments, we don't usually take on clients who have had their eyebrows done previously by another specialist. These clients are classed as a correction and unfortunately not everyone will be a candidate. If this is you, we recommend booking in with our Eyebrow Specialist for a complimentary 15 minute consultation, to assess your eyebrows and determine what the best solution for you will be to achieve brows like ours. 

Please understand that any decision made by our brow specialist will be a professional and honest opinion, so our clients can achieve the best possible results.

If you have passed the eligibility criteria, congratulations!

Here is what you will need to do in the week leading up to your procedure


- Discontinue consuming Vitamin Tablets, Fish Oil, Aspirin, Niacin, ibuprofen or Vitamin E, 3 days prior

(these will cause bleeding during your treatment which will effect your results)

- If you are a smoker, please be advised that smoking leads to delayed and poor skin healing and can cause bleeding during your treatment, which can effect your results

- Avoid direct sun exposure and the use of solariums 7 days prior

- Avoid consuming drugs and alcohol 48 hours prior

- Discontinue using Active skin care that contains AHAs/BHAs and retinols 1 week prior

- Avoid eyebrow waxing

-Avoid planning Microdermabrasions, botox, peels, Laser to the face and important events over the next 2 weeks after your procedure (We recommend having these done minimum 4 weeks before your treatment)

- Wash your hair the morning of your procedure as you cannot get your eyebrows wet for the next 2 weeks!

- Do not undertake any physical activity on the day of your treatment

- Please avoid coffee, green tea, pre-work-out and other stimulants 24 hours prior to your procedure. For those coffee lovers, as soon as we have finished you can caffeine your heart out


Now lets take a look at your aftercare and what you will expect following your Cosmetic Brow Procedure..


  • Following the procedure, the specialist will keep a full treatment record of each client including: pigment colours and batch numbers, pin size and batch number, date, time etc.

  • Your eyebrows are going to appear 30 - 50% darker and wider/thicker initially, but don't worry. These are going to fade and soften over the next 3 weeks.

  • 2 hours after your procedure, you are required to wipe over your eyebrows gently with the provided sterile water wipe. This is going to remove the lymph and prevent/minimise scabbing.

  • Once you have wiped over your eyebrows with the Water Wipe, allow your brows to DRY HEAL for 2 days.

  • Day 3 after your treatment, start applying a very thin layer of the provided aftercare gel morning and night for the next 7 days.

What to avoid during the first two weeks of healing after each procedure

NO Swimming, saunas, steam, DIRECT WATER, sweating on the face, sunlight, moisturisers on the forehead and makeup on the eyebrows for 14 days or until fully healed.

Please note, if you work in a hot or active environment where you perspire, you may need to wait for cooler weather or look at another option. Sweating during the healing process will push the pigment out and you may need an Additional Procedure at an extra cost. 

  • Day 5-7 post procedure: The individual strokes creates will begin to peal and flake off. 

  • Days 10-14 post procedure: Where are my eyebrows? This is when the strokes will become translucent and seem to have disappeared.

  • 3-5 weeks post procedure: My brows are coming back! The pigment is slowly beginning to reappear within the skin again. 


  • During the 2 weeks of healing DO NOT put any eyebrow makeup on! This will effect the pigment retention and you may need to pay for an Additional Procedure at an extra cost. 

  • If the treated area begins to itch or flake, DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK!

  • The client is asked to apply a very thin layer of the provided aftercare gel to each eyebrow 2x per day for the next 10-14 days, or until the peeling has finished. This is going to assist in healing and prevent/minimise itching and scabbing.

  • Correct application of the wound healing aftercare gel will also assist in pigment retention


  • Once it has been 14 days after your treatment and the peeling has finished, you can return to your normal routine. We just advise that you avoid AHAs on the face until this 2 procedure process has competed. 

Here is an example of your healing timeline