What is Cosmetic Tattoing?

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing is semi-permanent lasting anywhere between 6-10 months or 12-18 months depending on the client.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment consists of a full consultation, where the best brow shape suited to each individuals face will be determined using the golden ratio. The specialist will start off by measuring using golden mean calipers, once the measurements are correct, the specialist will then start to draw the outline of the brows, followed by colour matching and the approval of the client to then begin the procedure. 

Do I need a Follow Up Procedure?

Yes, this is a two part process and a Follow Up Procedure is required 4-8 weeks post the initial procedure to achieve the best results. You will not achieve 100% results after just one procedure. 

How is Cosmetic Tattooing achieved?

The specialist will use a needle attached to a small machine that will create vibrations. This enables the needle to penetrate the skin at a very fast speed. The technique of Ombré or Powder Brows is achieved by using this machine and blending the pigment at the accurate depth throughout the desired brow shape (no items, products or tools are reused on any clients seen to at Allure Contour).


Does the specialist use any anaesthetic?

Due to the quality of the pigments a much more delicate procedure can be provided without anaesthetic. However, anaesthetic is applied if bleeding occurs to constrict the blood vessel. This will happen once the skin has been broken when the outline of the brow has been created. Once the anaesthetic has been applied, the area will become quite numb and no pain should be felt for the rest of the procedure.

Anaesthetic ingredients: Lignocaine HCL 4%, Tetracaine 2%, Epinephrine (Adrenaline) 0.05%

Why doesn’t the specialist put anaesthetic or numbing cream on before the procedure to numb the “pain”?

The topical anaesthetic actually changes the texture of the skin and can make is quite hard for the specialist to blade.

Does it hurt?

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing is not supposed to be excruciating! Yes, you will feel it until the anaesthetic begins to work and every client has a different tolerance to pain. Majority of clients have said that it feels like cat scratches and would rate the pain a maximum 6 out of 10. Avoid making appointments when sensitivity levels and stress levels in the body are high, as this can be a contributing factor towards a persons pain tolerance.

What pigments does Allure Contour use?

The pigments used at Allure Contour are high quality and do not contain any nasty ingredients such as: iron oxides, dangerous Azo dyes, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons = PAH, forbidden heavy metals, dangerous aromatic amines including NDELA = N- nitrosodiethanolamine. These pigments meet the requirements of ResAP (2008)1, the ruling of 21/12/2012 and the new pharmaceutical regulation from April 2013 concerning nickel.


How long does the procedure take?

Initial procedures will take 2.5 hours. 30 minutes has been allocated to filling out paper work, consultation and before and after photos. It will then take the specialist 60-75 minutes to measure and draw. The actual procedure will take around 45-60 minutes.

What happens if I don't have a follow up procedure 4-8 weeks after my initial procedure?

If the client does not have their 'follow up' procedure within 3 months after their initial procedure, they are required to pay the cost of an 'annual' procedure. 


Why can’t I have coffee, green tea, pre work out or anything containing caffeine on the day of the procedure?

​As caffeine is a stimulant, this can cause more bleeding during the procedure. The more bleeding that occurs, the pigment will not hold as well as it should.

Why can’t I get my brows wet for 2 weeks after each procedure?

Its all about pigment retention! To achieve the best result, avoid getting your eyebrows wet for 2 weeks as water can cause your eyebrows to fade quicker than normal. Also bear in mind that water is contaminated!


Why must I be so vigilant with the aftercare?

If you do not follow the aftercare properly the pigment will not retain properly. This can happen if you follow the aftercare too much or not enough. We stress that you just do as the aftercare says, no more, no less. This way your skin will retain as much pigment as it can. 

What happens if the pigment did not retain well within my skin after the first procedure?

You will be required to have a 3rd procedure at an extra cost. Please follow after care instructions! 

What happens if I have oily skin?

Those with oily skin types, feathering isn't the best option for you. A combination of feathering and ombré techniques will retain better within your skin, however please bare i mind that you may need a 3rd procedure at an extra cost. 

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