HD Brow Sculpt

Sculpt your eyebrows to perfection with our High Definition Brow Sculpt! A professional Eyebrow Sculpting treatment that includes an eyebrow wax, tint, tweeze, trim and brow massage, brow pomade definition, followed by a mineral powder finish.

(Adelaide Location Only)



Classic Brow Sculpt

The classic & simple brow sculpting wax, followed by a brow massage and mineral powder finish.

Great eyebrows don't happen in 5 minutes.  

(Adelaide Location Only)



How to prepare for your Brow Sculpting Treatment

- No peels, microdermabrasions 1 week prior

- Avoid using active skin care (AHAs/BHAs, Retinol), exfoliating and excessive sun exposure 48 hours prior. 

- No sweating or working out morning of treatment

How to look after your Eyebrows

- Avoid getting brows wet for 24 hours

- Be cautious when applying active skin care to the face, avoid brow area

- Avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours