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The Brow & Skin Experts

We understand the power of the brow, and how your skin can impact your every day life. 

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About us

Our Skin Service

As South Australia's leading eyebrow stylists, we understand that perfectly shaped brows require time, passion, artistry & knowing the science of skin.

Complimenting our brow services, we also provide bespoke skin treatments using nutraceutical and have received award-winning results for AUS/NZ in anti-ageing & acne skin types.

Gain more confidence & experience true beauty.

The Original Brow Co.

It's time to get those eyebrows under control, girl!
The Original Brow Co is your new favourite eyebrow product range, where the ingredients of our products have been carefully selected to both style your eyebrows and benefit the structure of the brow hairs at the same time. Keeping your eyebrows full, fabulous and healthy.